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Rhiannon's Second Year

Posted 8th March 2018
by Rhiannon

My second year-

I am now in semester two of my second year at university. It has been much more hectic than last year, however I have enjoyed my second year a lot more. I think this is because I chose my modules myself this year and they actually entailed something in which I wanted to know more about. I am studying Victorian literature in English alongside modernism and other modules, and I am studying public law for my law module. English is still very much my favourite part of my degree, I think it’s because it’s much more interesting and my seminars seem to be on the fun side and are very much based on discussion, which helps because it’s great to talk to others who are also taking the same module as me.

It is crazy to think I have to soon pick a dissertation topic, which I will make a start on at the beginning on my third year. It is also crazy to think I graduate next summer. As for dissertation topics I am very interested in children’s literature and how in many countries certain novels have and still are banned from schools. This is something I think I would enjoy researching and writing about. I am starting to spend more time in the library at Hull University which I believe is amazing, I now take books out of the library for research purposes when writing essays and it helps to grasp different perspectives on things. This is something I didn’t do before so I think it shows one of the skills, which I have picked up from University study.

I have certainly met more friends this year and it is nice to go to lectures and seminars and see a familiar face, with English most of the people on the course are in the same module groups so it means making friends is certainly easier. I am finding my teachers are also easier to talk to and if I have a problem or any questions I just send them a quick email and they respond to me much more quickly than last year. I think my second year at University is much more enjoyable, exciting and refreshing than my first year. I seem to be learning much more, which is certainly new to me and I am enjoying my time meeting new people.

I am looking forward to finishing my last semester of second year, which should be in the middle of May. I will be spending lots of time with my son over the summer break before the third year of University starts, which I imagine will be quite stressful however worth every bit of stress to finally graduate with a degree in English and Law. My plan is still to continue onto a PGCE and become a secondary school teacher. I know John is giving some talks on the JVenn foundation and the success of the bursary in colleges in the area, I assisted in this last year and it was a great way to make the students aware of this great foundation and how they can apply. I am also hoping to assist in one of the talks next week, I want to share my experience of the tough times I have had but how now thanks to the help of many people and especially this foundation/bursary I am succeeding at University and on task to graduate next summer.


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