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Ollie - Sports Journalist already!

Posted 3rd July 2018
by Ollie

Firstly, I very much feel I have started to excel at the university. I have both enjoyed and grown a further passion for sport and journalism in my inaugural year!

With the aid of your funding, I have had the pleasure of playing a part of the media team at non- league side, AFC Emley. Only very recently i got to experience what was no doubt the highlight of the year, in which was being part of the media team at the 2018 Yonex All England Championships- one of the most prestigious badminton tournaments in the world! Here I interviewed the most talented badminton professionals from all around the globe, and my quotes where then sent to the world media! I have conducted in depth interview’s, including a touching story on a former Bradford City professional forced out of the football due to injury. And I have also delved into the more obscure world of sport, discovering and covering a blend roller-skating and rugby known as Roller Derby!

The first year has certainly been challenging, but I have been truly inspired by my initial experiences and my lecturers, and am raring to go in the second year- when it all starts to count!

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Ollie - Sports Journalist already!

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